Value Added Services



Concordia manages over 900 revenue generating advertising assets and spaces for clients. We provide maintenance, management, and rental services to advertisers for residential and commercial communities. We take care of the entire process on behalf of our clients from managing signage integrity, to rental of space and billing, to collection. All our advertising services are in compliance with Dubai Municipality and local laws.

With extensive experience in advertising and maximising a non-core revenue stream with minimal effort from our clients, Concordia specialises in managing:

  • Lamp Posts
  • MUPI’s (Mobile Urban Public Illumination)
  • Signage
Event Management

We bring communities together and connect businesses with customers through recreational activities and events. Concordia provides extensive event management services for clients, managing the process from the necessary permits to providing support services and technical planning for the events.

We adapt to the needs of the community and have extensive experience in successfully holding a variety of events varying from family and children’s entertainment, sports and health activities, to markets and outdoor cinemas.

Our team provides the additional service of promoting and connecting our client’s events with potential visitors on social media to keep them informed and encourage them to visit.

We work very closely with government and private sectors to ensure that all permits, laws, and legal requirements to hold events are fulfilled.