Health Awareness Screening


At Concordia, people are at the forefront of our culture and core philosophy. In today’s ever-changing world of business it has always been the people who make the difference. It is our people who enable us to meet our challenges and deliver on our promises. It is the intelligence, innovation and ideas of our people that transform our clients today into long-term business partners of tomorrow.

We put the health and safety and well-being of our colleagues before anything else. True to our culture, our approach to safety is built around our shared goal of Zero Accidents. In addition to providing a safe and healthy environment, Concordia strives to ensure a diverse and inclusive workplace. We are at our best when we bring together unique perspectives, experiences and ideas.

Good staff health, well-being and engagement can reap significant benefits:
  • Improved safety and lower stress.
  • Improved Client’s experience of care, including higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs , including lower rates of sickness absence, improved productivity and higher rates of staff retention.
  • Professional and personal benefits for Concordia staff, including improved morale, job satisfaction and well being.


That is why our HR and Staff Welfare teams, regularly organize a health screening session for all Concordia employees to ensure that our team is happy, healthy, and in the best possible shape they can be. Employee satisfaction is an important part of employee retention, that is why we do our best to make sure that our people are cared for and happy about being with us.

Our people are the lifeblood of our business, that is why we take good care of them, and in turn, they take good care of our Clients.