Challenging Times Calls for Huge Savings


Project Name – Jumeirah Lakes Towers Master Community
Location – JLT – Dubai
The Challenge

Jumeirah Lake Towers Master Community
24 Clusters – 3 Parking level per Cluster
+ 35,000 Parking Spaces
= High DEWA Bills
Average DEWA Bill:AED 25,495 per month

The Mission

Reduce energy consumption to provide lower DEWA bills for the community
Reduce carbon emissions

Sticker Colour


yellow   Yellow Sticker

green   Green Sticker

red   Red Sticker


Single tube functioning to normal lighting fixtures (working under motion sensor)

Emergency lighting fixtures – both tubes functioning all the time

Isolated circuits

The Solution

Phase 1 – Lighting

Complete Review of the lighting design

LUX Level Matrix was established for each parking level

Aim: To achieve minimum standby LUX level at any one point of 20 LUX (international standard for car park lighting)

Installed motion sensors to trigger additional lighting LUX levels to achieve
a minimum level of 50 LUX

Implemented simple identification of Lighting Plan

Phase 2 – HVAC

Initial findings:All 10 fans were working 24/7 at low speed

Monitored carbon monoxide levels – results showed low levels

Began reducing number of fans operating

Since 2010 only 4 fans are working at low speed and strict monitoring of carbon
monoxide continues (max reading of 6 ppm / UAE max for UAE is 50 ppm)

In case of fire: Modification of Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) has been carried
out – for automatic activation of fans at high speed

The Results
AED 25,495

Average DEWA Consumption Cost
Pre-initiative per cluster

AED 18 million DEWA only

Savings since 2010 for Energy Consumption

AED 11,000

Average DEWA Consumption Cost
Post-initiative per cluster

+ 22,900 tonnes CO2

Savings since 2010 Carbon Emissions
or 22,907, 400Kg