Concordia is an Integrated Facilities Management service provider in the UAE, directly employing over 1,400+ staff. Concordia self-delivers a broad range of high quality, bespoke, FM solutions to master communities, commercial and residential properties throughout the Emirates.

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Concordia – A world of experience
Training and Investment

The UAE is a uniquely modern and cosmopolitan country and is home to businesses and families from across the globe, each with their own distinctive and inherent culture and tradition.


Concordia, as a partly owned government entity, both embrace and follow the policies and guideline formulated by its shareholder on diversity and equality.

Concordia is sensitive to the local culture and the wishes of the Emirati people in the United Arab Emirates. Respect, good manners, courtesy, tolerance and politeness are prized attributes that Concordia promotes at all levels throughout the company.


At Concordia, all staff, irrespective of their gender, race and cultural background are encouraged to grow, learn, take-up new challenges and lead. Concordia’s diversity ratio within the company demonstrates its equal opportunity when recruiting and promoting employees, which is higher than the majority of FM companies in Dubai.

Career Progression

Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our company culture. As a responsible corporation, we respect the interests of our stakeholders—our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, teaming partners, and the wider community—and we actively seek opportunities both to improve the environment and to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which we do business.

We believe that the successful long-term future of our business can only be achieved by working collaboratively with our stakeholders and in their interests: clients – whether they are building occupiers, developers or investors – employees, suppliers, NGOs, the media, Government and the wider community.


We understand that our business activities impact on the environment, society and economy directly and indirectly; directly in the way we run our own business and indirectly in the property and facilities management advice we give to clients.

We hire great talent in following roles
  • Housekeeping
  • MEP Technicians & Engineers
  • Safety Specialists
  • Security Experts
  • BMU/Rope Access Professionals
  • Fit out Inspectors
  • Parking Management experts
  • IT, Finance, HR & Procurement Specialists
  • Business Development & Marketing

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Concordia is committed to operating in a socially responsible manner. We follow a corporate governance standard that promotes integrity, transparency and accountability in order to protect and enhance Concordia’s value and the long-term success of the company.


We take responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of our business operations. It’s important that we attract and develop talented people not only to help ensure the future success of our business, but also for the benefit of our colleagues, clients and the communities in which we operate. That way, we can be a sustainable business that’s still here in the years to come.

Life at Concordia

Every Year Concordia ensures that all staff are engaged through activities, workshops, training, entertainment activities and sports.

Training programs to enhance the staff’s skills

Concordia sponsoring its staff in sports events