Facade Cleaning and Rope Access

Facade Cleaning and Rope Access Service

Concordia’s in-house, highly trained professional teams providing Rope Access and BMU cleaning services to some of the tallest buildings in Dubai and indeed the world.

We pride ourselves on – Safe and efficient cleaning in
extreme areas.

Our staff are fully trained professionals and follow the strictest international safety standards and best practice, driven by our core values of understanding personal and collective safety. Our extensive bespoke assessments enable us to design highly efficient site-specific service delivery solutions.

This enables Concordia to deliver, safe, professional, cost efficient solutions to our clients property assets.


Some of the many benefits of using Rope
Access over BMU are:

  • Unobtrusive, cost effective access
  • Reduction in man hours vs traditional BMU methods
  • Equipment causing minimum disruption as can be installed and uninstalled quickly
  • Greater flexibility


Our Service offering :

  • Cleaning of difficult areas by BMU and Rope Access
  • Specialist installations – i.e. posters and signage, lighting
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance works – i.e. paint applications, cladding and glazing, electrical
  • Construction – i.e. welding, repairs, security system installs