Enriching our Community



We have discovered the power of public art in JLT.

Since last February Ruben Sanchez painted a huge colorful mural in Cluster V thanks to ING creatives and Concordia, things have changed in JLT. It’s not all about concrete and glass.

Colors and good vibes are part of the community in Cluster V, kids play in front of the wall, models pose for photoshoots and busy executives try to decipher the cubist artwork while having a coffee.

The effect in social media and internet in general has been amazing. Top street art websites writes about JLT now and there are countless Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts worldwide featuring this wall. Some of them very relevant.

This landmark has put JLT on the map in many ways, but this shoud not stop this at this point, let’s make from JLT an interesting and creative place where art interact with families, business men and tourists alike.


What they say about the JLT wall on Instagram: insta_icon


Thanks for bringing colour to the neighbourhood!


My sons live in the building near there in JLT its an awesome sight!


One spanish man transforms the face of dubai!


Thank you for the beautiful contrast and view you always bring!


Life is full of colors so why deprive ourselves from the rainbow of joy and fun? Beautiful mural by the artist @zoonchez


Last weekend went to @mydubai for a quick visit and had the chance to go and see this brilliant wall painted by @zoonchez


Upon this epic sight, it’s inevitable to want to take a piece of Ruben Sanchez @zoonchez & his street art with you


Awwwwww this is so unbelievably CUTE!!I am loving all the random street art around Dubai! It’s so amazing to see this city grow, especially with the increased focus on art and culture This is a beautiful colourful art wall by Ruben Sanchez @zoonchez AMAZING!! Adding lots of colour to my already very colourful world!


My new favorite wall and piece of art by the brilliant @zoonchez So glad i witnessed it today. Literally chased the sun for it. Was even feverish. But that didnt stop me. Ruben, well done and thank you

Let’s start with the camel!


As a local superstar (and funny guy) the camel definetely deserves the first project. We took the camel out of the wall and we thought how to use it in order to represent what the Dubai lifestyle is. We all know Dubai is melting pot of cultures, where local traditions merge with the modern lifestyle, people love to have fun here and they’re also really into sports. So what would be a connection between the tradition and present, what expats and locals do together? So… what if we make a sporty camel? What if he’s into yoga for example?

So we put our camel to work out…
Slide background
Slide background
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Can you imagine having a picnic at the park with your friends under a giant colorful camel? Would you like to see kids sliding by a big oud guitar? or a teapot which is also a lamppost?
Is JLT ready to be more than offices and apartments and become the coolest neighborhood
in Dubai?

Let’s get physical!


Colorful walls are cool, but… what if we can interact physically with the artworks? Volume just make art even more magic: colorful sculptures that become playgrounds, daily elements in large scale can give unexpected functions for the citizen, and they are visually amazing!


It’s up to our imagination to improve the day by day of the JLT resident or visitor and make a possitive impact in them. That’s when we ask this question: What if we give life to the elements from the JLT wall and they jump from the wall to our streets and parks?

Different Examples!

An example by Ruben Sanchez of a similar project becoming a reality:
The gazelle head, a public sculpture located in Deira’s Al Ghurair Centre.