Enriching our Community



We have discovered the power of public art in JLT.

From the beginning of February 2015 Ruben Sanchez painted a huge colorful mural in Cluster V thanks to ING Creatives and Concordia; and since then, things have changed in JLT. It’s no longer all about concrete and glass.

Colors and good vibes are part of the community in Cluster V, kids play in front of the wall, models pose for photo shoots and busy executives try to decipher the cubist artwork while having a coffee.

The effect on social media and the Internet in general has been amazing. Top street art websites write about JLT on top of countless Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts worldwide featuring and mentioning this wall.

This landmark has put JLT on the map in many ways, but we don’t plan on stopping at this point, let’s make JLT an interesting and creative place where art interacts with families, business men, and tourists alike.

It’s up to our imagination to improve the day by day of the JLT resident or visitor and make a possitive impact in them. That’s when we ask this question: What if we give life to the elements from the JLT wall and they jump from the wall to our streets and parks?