Energy Management Services

Concordia, The 1st Middle East based FM Company to successfully implement and deliver an energy performance contract for a building.

Concordia is the market leader for delivering sustainable efficiencies through our flexible integrated efficiency solutions service, because we understand that around 50% of a buildings operational cost comes from utilities, energy management has always been at the very heart of our operational service delivery.

Working in partnership with our clients, we help to reduce operating costs and carbon emissions by investing, implementing, improving, refining and operating sustainable integrated solutions to a wide variety of assets and infrastructure across Dubai.

Through our unique flexible solutions network we enhance our partner’s triple bottom line by improving economic, social and environmental targets and deliverables.

In the last 4 years Concordia have:
  • Saved our partners over $10 million through lower utility bills
  • Reduced carbon emissions by over 1.4 million tonnes
  • Implemented the largest recycling program in a private community.
Concordia have the best track record of any FM provider in the field of energy management with our savings ranging between 20% – 65%.

Energy Management Services